We all have a
Digital Footprint

The question is, 

“Will yours be seen?” and if so, “How large will it be?”


Chance - Our resident Director of Fun

Before we tell you how we can help, here's a bit about us..


8 Bit Mango is a design agency based in San Gabriel Valley. Our  mission is to level the digital playing field and offer small businesses the same premium marketing and design services –  once reserved for only big budget corporations.  

As former C-Suite executives and award-winning creatives, we took the leap of faith to bring our dreams to fruition and we haven’t looked back. (OK, we’re lying, we look back all the time – albeit with a shot of whiskey.) 

We look back at the times spent slaving for corporate giants. We look back at the knowledge we’ve gained, the successes we’ve celebrated and the failures we’ve corrected because without those years spent in corporate shackles, 8 Bit Mango would have never existed – and we could have never shared those talents with you. 

Okay, so why do we focus on
servicing small businesses?

It's simple.

Whereas many corporations will sacrifice brand integrity for profit (and a good P&L sheet) smaller to mid-size businesses operate on a higher level of conciousness. 

Small businesses care about what they have created.

Small businesses care about what they provide.

Small businesses care about what they project.

Small businesses care about their people.

That’s why we love them. That’s why we focus on them.



We specialize in the
Art of Messaging.

Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies.

Consumers  seek out brands that embrace authencity. Let us help you relay that message.

Provocative designs. Engaging Copy.