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(that's not sourced from India)

All of our writers are locally grown and produce organic content that is void of fillers and verbiage that make you say, “Huh?”

So give us a call and let our editorial team create unique editorial pieces for your next project. From web content to print publications we offer a host of options including content marketing, brochure verbiage, ad slogans and industry-focused articles.



We create lifestyle content for both digital and print media. From automotive to technology, product reviews to content marketing, our team of award-winning writers can provide industry-focused articles that turn numbers and set brands afire.



Ghost Writing

Need someone to pen your thoughts? We offer ghost writing services where we adapt to your style and create articles, speeches, ad slogans based on your vision. We sign the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and you take the credit. 


Content Marketing

By using the proper distribution strategy, content and promotions, Content Marketing can vastly improve your companies exposure by utilizing large audience networks. Give us a call and we tell you how it works. 




Web Copy

Do you need  your web content or pages rewritten to evoke an emotional connection with your audience? Give us a call.



Your marketing materials are only as effective as the copy it contains. Are you relaying the proper message?


Blog Content

We currently provide content for 8 different websites that reach a total monthly audience of 12 million people. 

We can help.

We contracted 8 Bit Mango for a last minute project and have since utilized their services on a monthly basis. No more missed deadlines, no more flakey freelancers. No more headaches.
Sam Bernstein
Media Haus Esq