Most frequent questions and answers
  • This answer varies greatly and is dependent upon many factors.
  • Some smaller sites have been launched in as fast as 2 days.
  • More intricate websites may take up to 2 months.

Absolutely. Our team of award-winning writers will provide the copywriting for every single page of your website and even help refine your company vision. 

Yes. Your website will be complete yours. We will provide you with all necessary documentation including passwords for every part of your site. 

Some web developers will hold your information hostage, but at 8 Bit Mango we give you what’s yours. 

We have developed sites for  various industries including fashion, petroleum, design, art, automotive, entertainment, technology, restaurants, personal blogging and B2C. 

  • 50%  is required to start the project.
  • 25% is due once all designs and written content for the site are approved.
  • 25% will be due upon completion of all programming and your site will be launched. 

No. We will never guarantee page rankings because simply put, no one truly understands the algorithms used by Google other than a few people. 

You should be weary of any salesperson or developer that is guaranteeing you page rankings. 

It all depends. SEO is a powerful marketing tool, but it’s not necessary for every business. Give us a call and find out whether SEO is right for you.

Yes. We handle all aspects of social media. From creating a style guide for your employees to use, to providing content you need, we have you covered.